Northwest Arkansas Neighbors Helping Out Local Businesses

Join us in supporting our local businesses during this difficult Covid-10 pandemic season.

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#NWAisOpen is a gathering place to support local businesses in these uncertain times.
#NWAisOpen is a regional campaign led by NWA neighbors to let our local businesses know they are not alone during this difficult time and to facilitate communication between business owners and their customers.

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A Place for NWA Residents

A communal place for NWA businesses and residents to communicate and tell their stories on how the Covid-19 shut-downs have affected NWA. A place to talk about your favorite restaurant, a business that has gone above the call of duty, or seek business support during this pandemic season.

A Place for NWA Business Owners

NWA business owners can connect with other local owners to share stories, tips, and solutions. This is a great place to stay connected with the NWA market and become part of a support group during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Media Kit for Business Owners

Business owners can download our #NWAisOpen media kit where you will have access to signs, posters, and online graphics that not only show your solidarity with your fellow NWA businesses, but also allows you to post these signs on your social media accounts so customers can see your current operating hours, delivery services you use, and the different ways you can be reached online.

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